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New to Ballarat-all alone!!! Lock Rss

I moved to Ballarat a week ago and already am lonely!
We moved from Geelong for my husbands work and i left behind my family friends and a very comfy life!!!
We have three children-Zack is 4, Toby is 2 and Molly is 8 months.
We moved to Lake Gardens and my son will be giong to Ballarat and Clarendon College for 4 year old kinda next year.
Just would love to chat to other Ballarat mums and hear where the good shops are or good local play groups or churches etc.


Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

hello, im kylie.

i have a son hayden who is 14 months, im not in ballarat but about 40 mins away in avoca, i just moved there about 2 months ago and i know how u feel, leaving friends and family behind. i moved from the mornington peninsula with my partner and son, i got to ballarat at least once a week, im still getting used to all the shops an stuff but would love to chat or meet with you if you would like.

speak soon
kylie & hayden xox

***haydens mum***

Hi Kath,

I moved to Ballarat about 5 years ago from the Mornington Peninsula & like you I left behind wonderful family & friends. We moved into Lake Gardens about 7 months ago.

Since I have been in Ballarat I have made some great friends, funnily enough with girls who are not originally from Ballarat. One of them (from NZ) runs a playgroup at Invermay which is very friendly & welcoming as she knows what it is like to be new to an area.

Would love to chat,

two little girls (2004 & 2006)

Hi Kath,

I have lived in Ballarat for about three years now and still getting use to the place. I travel to Geelong for work so i get the best of both worlds. I am still trying to find a good playgroup in the area for my 21 mnth old daughter so if i find a good one will let you know. Please dont hesitate to ask anything k...

My girls are my world!!!!

Hey Kath,

I moved to Ballarat a year ago and left my family in Queensland so we have come a long way. I have a 6 month old and nearly 2 year old, both boys. It is hard making friends unless you know someone already. After having my 2nd child I was diagnosed with PND and went to a support group and have met the most wonderful people going through the same thing. We are thinking of setting up a playgroup shortly so if you are interested let me know and yu can come one day and see what you think.
Anyway if you want to chat my email is [email protected]
Hope you had a great Chrissy.
Good luck

I moved from a small town of 13,000 people to Ballarat about 6 months ago, I still feel like a tourist. I don't really get out much and hubby works afternoon shift and sleeps most of the day so I am kinda on my own with the two kids, it can get lonely at times. My children are DD 2 and DS 7 weeks.
[Edited on 25/01/2008]

I would love to chat jessh. You can contact me on email [email protected] or msn with same log on. Maybe we catch u in person one day too!
Love Sara
hey guys i live in ballarat and would love 2 meet others with bubs as i really want Bella my lil one 2 get some lil friends and 4 me also. Starting 2 go a lil mad!

Hey kass20,

I have a little boy who is nearly 7 months and a 2 year old and would love to chat. You can contact me on email [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.
is that msn?

hey ladies im staring a playgroup session i think it starts next wk at the ballarat north community centre. Something u mummies would love is baby gym, my friend and i went last wednesday ,its every wednesday and the bubs love it!!! The play activites and sing songs. It only goes 4 40mins and then u can stay back and have coffee and a good chat. This is at sebastapol community centre. Let me know what u think, coz im starting 2 get 2 a lonely and bored place, where i would love 2 just jump on the phone 2 a buddy and say "hey, want 2 do coffee?" so would love 2 meet some ppl and bubs.
[Edited on 31/01/2008]

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