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How to get housework, dinner, & have happy kids! Lock Rss

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep everything together. I have two boys nearly three old & a 10 month old baby which the toddler is a very active happy liitle boy. Up until Christmas I thought I had everything under control with the house,garden,relationship e.t.c. but now I feel everything is getting out of control & that there are definately not enough hours in the day. Would love to hear of any ones ideas on how they keep everything into a routine & still have time to play with the kids (which is number 1 prioriy) & spend it with their husbands & keep the the house respectable. Thanks Amy

amy,vic,3 year old & 1 year old

Hi Amy,
I have 3 kids, (10.5years, 8years, and 8 months), and a husband. My day starts around 6 am. I get up, and get as much quite housework done as I can before the baby wakes up. When he wakes, I feed him his breakfast, then we play for a while until his brother and sister wakes up. I usually have a little time left to get some of the noiser housework done before he goes to bed. Then it's time to spend with the other two (when they're not at school), otherwise it is my time. ( I usually go on the computer, or read a book, or watch a tv program that I have usually recorded). Then it is lunch time. My baby boy, has his lunch, then goes down to play with his toys on his own, (or sometimes with his brother and sister), while I get mine and my older kids lunch) A bit more play with the baby, then he's back to bed, and I get the rest of the housework done, or go out and tidy up my gardens. When he wakes again, he has a drink and snack in his high chair, while I prepare the dinner for the rest of the family. A bit more play ( or help with homework), then dinner starts to be cooked, while I give my baby his dinner. He plays on his own for a bit, while the rest of us has our dinner, then he has a bath, more play with mum and dad, then it is off to bed. This gives us time to spend with the older children, then they are off to bed, and my husband and I have some time together, before he is off to bed. I do the dishes, sweep the floors, put on a load of washing, feed the animals, then have a shower, and finally climb into bed around 11pm. This is just a typical one of my days. My body is now use to living on 6-7 hours sleep everynight, and I don't usually sleep any longer than this. The advantage I have, is that my older children can feed themselves, shower themselves and put themself to bed. Hope my day can help you get some sort of routine going!!!!!

Mother of 3, Qld

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