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looking for friends in gipsland Lock Rss

Hi i am Dee i am looking for friends in morwell gipsland vic or near by hope theres more than just me in gipsland that use huggies parents exchange ok looking forwood to replays thanks .

Deanne,vic,mum of 5

Hi Deanne-
I live in B'dale, so not too far away. I do know there is a group on called 'gippy girls' who are mostly from around your area. Hope this helps! smile

Sarah, Vic, Jai born 19-7-05 smile

Hi dee
my name is tanya i live in morwell and just had my first child in june this year a boy thomas. his great just had 6th month nedles and cutting his second tooth! we have been in morwell for 2 and half year then previously in churchill. dont know that many people in morwell. how old are your children? take care tanya

tanya,vic thomas 17/06/05 and EDD 6/12/2007 eìí?

Hi Dee and Tanya,
My name is Carli i am 21yrs old and am due for my first baby in about 2wks i live in Morwell with my partner Glenn he has two children to his ex who i love so much hope we can all catch up feel free to add me on msn
Hi girls im tracey a 31 yr old mum living in traralgon with 5 kids love meeting new mums feel free to add me



Hi there

My name is Leah, Im in Rosedale and have a 9 and a half month old son. Interested in meeting new peoples!

Hi Trace!
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