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Any mums from the City of Casey area? Lock Rss

Hi guys I'm Mel.
Just wanted to see if there any mums near me that would like to catch up at a play center one day. I have a daughter 3 and a son 7.
Look forward to hearing back from you...

hello i live in the city of casey where abouts are you? i have a son who is almost 6 i would love to meet at a playcentre
Hi Im in Casey and have a 7 year old and a 4 year old and am due in 2 days would love to meet and catch up let me know where and when and ill be there

I'm in Cranbourne!

I am in Cranbourne too.

I am Bruna mum to 2 year old twins.
hi there, i am in cranbourne too. bradley turned 2 last month. would love to catch up with mums around here.

Caren2 - I sent you a pm.

Hi Ladies,
I am also in Cranbourne, I have a DD who turns 2 in a few weeks and a DS who is 6 months old,would love to catch up with you.
hi im laura im in cranbourne too i hav twins that are 4 and twins that are 19 mths
Hey girls would you like to catch up one day. Laura pm anytime if you want to chat.

We are in Cranbourne West. Where are you?? Am looking at joining gym. Am going to look at the Beach house on the Weekend.
Hiya, I'm also in Cranbourne and have an 11 month old son - Nicholas; would love to meet some more people from around here.
Hi everyone, I've not long moved to Cranbourne North, and have an 18 month old DS.

I work full time (my partner is a SAHD) but would love to get in touch with some mums in the Cranbourne area and maybe catch up some time!!
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