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Hello Everyone,

I'm 28 yrs old & I have a DD 3yrs old & DS 18mths. I'm looking for mums in there 20's to meet up with for coffee & friendship. I go to play group & the kids & I really enjoy ourselves. However everyone in my group is older than me & I really miss having friends my age smile

[Edited on 13/04/2007]
Hi Barbara,

my name is mel and i am in Underwood. i am 23 years old, engaged to my partner of 4 years and i am a scrapbooking consultant. i have a 2yr old son Tykeal and a 3 week old daughter Phoenix-Jayde. I am looking to start a mums group, but just catching up in general would be great. if you would like to chat more you can email me at

take care

mel, qld, DS Tykeal 20/8/03 and DD Phoenix 2/9/05

Hi there, my name is Debbie and I live at Greenbank, 10 mins away from you. I am home most of the time as I am a registered care provider and have kid's here often. I have 3 kid's, the youngest is 21 mths old, they are all girls. And I am a very young 30yrs old!

Jacks Mum.

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