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Anyone in brisbane?? Lock Rss


I am a 27 year old with a 4 month old little girl(23/5/05), we are looking to see if there is anyone around that is wanting to meet new people and maybe sometime meet up for coffee.

larissa and poppy-grace
nth side brisbane
Hi Larissa, I am 20 years old and have a 61/2 month old (09/03/05) her name is Arabella. I live on the north side of brisbane as well. Where abouts do you live?
What is your little girl up to at the moment?

shaylee, QLD, Arabella 9/3/05

hey larissa, i am a 24 yr old with a 6 week old little girl cadey (01/09/05) i also live on the northside of brisbane and would like to meet some new people as well and would like to meet up for coffee sometime with you and any others who would also like to my e-mail is

charly and Cadey (01/09/05) Brisbane

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