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  5. Does anyone know where I can buy nut free easter eggs in Brisbane?

Does anyone know where I can buy nut free easter eggs in Brisbane? Lock Rss

I have a daughter who has a nut allergy and am wondering where I can buy any easter eggs that are nut free. She can safely eat the "kinnerton" brand chocolate made in the UK but as far as I know they don't make easter eggs. Can anyone help? I would be eternally grateful as Myranda loves chocolate and I don't want her to miss out.
Thanks heaps,

Caroline, Qld, 2yo daughter

i have no idea

but if u get really stuck u could buy the moulds and make them yourself

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Caroline,

Try out the Kinnerton website., it gives you a guys name to contact in Australia and he might be able to give you some info on the whether they do easter eggs or not.

Good Luck

Sam, Brissie Mum DD 13, DS 10, DS 5 & DS 5 months

Have you tried a health food shop or a naturopath. You could even enquire if Darrellea has anything or if they could suggest somewhere you could try. You could also try a speciality shop like David Jones or Myer. The only other thing would be to look on the internet for "Kinnerton" to find who stocks it in either Aus or better still QLD and contact them regarding this. It is quite a common allergy now so there should be some around. Good luck.
Hi Guys
Thanks for all your suggestions. I will be trying each one, although I'm not sure where to buy nut free chocolate to make my own as the ones in the grocery stores still say "may contain traces of nuts". Anyway, you would think that with so many kids with this allergy someone would be able to make "nut free".
Thanks again.

Caroline, Qld, 2yo daughter

hi caroline,

my son also has a peanut allergy but only reacts to cadbury chocolate. we realised this when we tried one chocolate per week (with no reaction) leading up to his second easter we found nestle to be a dependable brand he has been eating a wide variety of their chocolates for 18 mths now with no reaction while he has only had 5 different cadburys & reacted to 4 of them.

alternitively i used carob to make his first lot of easter eggs or there is the white chocolate (the one he didn't react to regardless of brand) or candy eggs.

i hope this helps a little

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Thank you so much "cuddletwins". I never even thought of the white chocolate assuming it would contain traces of nuts also. If you don't mind, I have another question for you, what cereal do you give your little boy for breakfast. I'm stuck with weatbix and Myranda is getting a little sick of it. All the cereals I see in the shops say "may contain traces of nuts".

Caroline, Qld, 2yo daughter

hi caroline,

we've never had a problem with cereals we generally buy rice bubbles, cornflakes, nutri grain, weet bix & fruit loops but it would really depend on how bad Myrandas reaction is becuase alot of the time when the label says "may contain traces of nuts" it is just a precaution because the company uses the same equipment to make other products on i always read all the ingredients & if it has no nuts i buy it even with the precaution.

having said that though my son doesn't get any breathing problems from peanuts, he gets eczema over his upper torso, arms & the head is the worst,he scratches in his ears & under his eyes get sores & bleed from the rubbing. the one time that it was worse someone gave him a chocolate with peanut brittle in the middle & it would have been a piece of peanut about 1mm by 1mm & he reacted within 5-10 mins.

how does Myranda react & how old is she?

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

i found some info for you; WILLOW CONFECTIONARY (in Mordialloc Vic 95871079) manufacture eggs in a nut free factory, these eggs are available in many supermarkets & confectionary stores.

i don't think we've tried their eggs but i do recall finding packs of 20 little koalas made by willow similar to the freddo frog infact it was the only safe novelty multi pack we could find.

i think it is a thinning agent for chocolate.
there's more useful info on this website

And here is a nut free recipe;

Recipe 1

30g cocoa powder or carob
140g icing sugar
110g melted palm oil or cocoa butter or copha
110g milk powder or soy powder

Recipe 2

125 g solid vegetable fat
120g icing sugar
5 tablespoons cocoa
30g milk powder or soy powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence.


1. Melt the copha (recipe 1) or vegetable fat (recipe 2) over a low heat

2. Sift together and add the other ingredients.

3. Pour into a lamington tin and set, or pour into Easter egg moulds.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months


this page also has some info on kinnerton chocolates towards the bottom, in fact its a pretty good page i think it will be going in my favorites now.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Oh my gosh, Cuddletwins, thank you so much for all your information. I can't tell you how much I appreciate talking to another mum who knows what I am talking about. Sometimes I think I'll go demented with everything you have to be aware of with an allergy. Myranda has only had one reaction which was when she was 18 months old. I had previously given her a small taste of peanut butter (a little on my finger) at 12 months and nothing happened. When she was 18 months I thought it was time to try again. My husband wanted to give her a peanut butter sandwich but something told me not to, call it mothers intuition I don't know. Again I gave her a little taste from my finger and within a few minutes her top lip swelled up. At first it didn't register that it could be an allergy but as I realised her lips were swelling before my eyes it clicked she was having a reaction. We have had a blood test done which came back highly allergic to peanuts. My mum actually found a "Fimbles" easter egg at Myer on the weekend which comes from Kinnerton with the nut free tick and bought it for me in case I missed out so now Easter Bunny has been taken care of. I am not really a very good cook and have located some products made by Betty Crocker who label their packet cakes etc very well and have found a chocolate cake with no nuts or traces in. Thanks again for all your information. I really do appreciate it.

Caroline, Qld, 2yo daughter


Your very welcome. i find it all very interesting & that website has been a huge eye opener because we didn't have a very good Dr when Rickson had his first reaction 21/2 years ago when he was 10 mths old, so we just removed things from his diet & reintroduced them 1 at a time to find what it was that he had reacted to (it turned out to be half of the head of a freddo frog, his first & last chocolate for 12mths, until i started feeling guilty at easter) & by the time we changed Dr we had already sorted it out, although it took nearly 4 weeks to clear up with just the antihestamine & no cream, anyway the Dr didn't even mention that there was such a thing as allergy testing & now that i'm thinking about it again i'm realising that our diet doesn't change much & most of his reactions have been from traces in treat foods & it takes about 6 hours before his eczema shows & because the i metioned earlier was so much faster i have the thought stuck in my head what would happen if he got his hands on a whole peanut or peanut butter, so we will be taking him to see an allergy specialist in the next couple of weeks to see how bad or good his allergy is,something that should have been done a long time ago. so really i should be thanking you for getting me thinking, so thankyou very much!

who would have thought that ice cream, lip stick or suncream could have peanut in it.

also i feel so cheated now because the Dr told us that most children outgrow the allergy by 3 years but that website states that only 10% of peanut allergies resolve & 90% of sufferers have at least one of the other top 8 allergies. Rickson is also allergic to penicilin & an insect bite (we think mosquitoes).

Does Myranda have any other allergies yet?
& how was her birthday (i noticed her birthday on your other post) my twins will be one on the 29th march & i'm still trying to figure out what to do for it.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

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