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i am a first time mum with a 6 week old baby girl, i am moving to cleveland, qld area in January 2006. I would like to meet some people and start a mothers group or join one????.

I am moving up from sydney NSW and would like to meet new mums.

if anyone would like a chat or drop an email to [email protected]

hi again,

if you guys don't like to meet people from here, thats ok,if you like just send an email so i know that there are other mums in the area that ok too.

i would like to make friends as well. it would be nice for my family to hang out with others like bbq's and picnic's.

any friendly people out there????
hi I am a new mum 22 yrs old and i am in victoria point i have a 7 week old boy

amanda Q.L.D 7week old boy

Hi, I have only started using the parents exchange and noticed that a few of you were catching up. I live in Alex Hills and was wondering if you are going to catch up again.


I have only just moved to Cleveland at the start of the year. I would love to get my daughter Cate mixing with some other children round her age. She is 2.5 yo. Plus it would be great to get some adult conversation for myself into the bargain. Please help me out, I am rather new to this kind of thing. I have heard mention of "playgroups" and "mothers groups" Are these the same things or are the mothers groups not for the children and only the mums. Sorry if this sounds silly, but as I said, I have no idea what the story is.
Many Thanks.

Mum to Catherine 2 years old

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