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Hi ladies,

Are there any Redlands ladies that haven't formed a "group" yet that may be interested in meeting for coffee in the near future?

I am 28 with 12 week old twins.

Hi Sonya
I am new to the site. I have a 12 week old son and live in Capalaba. Would love to meet with you for a coffee and a chat.
Hi JodieS

that is great...will set something up soon...I am in Capalaba too!
Hey I live in the redlands and due to have our first bub on the 27th of Feb, would love to meet some mum's around the area.



Great. I would be around anytime next week except Wednesday morning. Would love to meet with you too Tracey!!
HI Tracey,

Just waiting for MIL to let me know about a lunch date next week and then I can work with you guys for a coffee next week!

sounds like a plan


Yep - sounds good to me too!!
Hi guys,

How does Thursday morning sound?

Any preferences to meeting spot?

I would say either Gloria Jeans at Central or maybe Zarraffas in Park...that way it is air conditioned too!! (and it is my fav coffee).

Hey guys
Thursday morn is good for me - say around 10am? Either place sounds good - never tried Zarrafas so maybe that's a go!

I have never done it but I will work out how to PM you guys with my details.

Can't wait to meet you both!

Yep I will be there, my try if I can get another mum to come along with me.

Looking forward to meeting you both.


Hi Tracey and Jodie,

10am sounds great at Zarraffas.

It is the one up the escalator near Coles.

See you both on Thursday!...and yes, bring along anyone else too...the more the merrier.

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