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young mums from ipswich or brissy Lock Rss

hi name is tamara. Just a new mum with a 3 mnth old looking 2 chat or catch up wit people in or around the area.....


hey there, i am 24 with a 2.5mth old daughter cadey, i live on the northside Redcliffe but if you wanna chat my e-mail and hotmail address is [email protected]

charly and Cadey (01/09/05) Brisbane

hi tamara!! my name is kristy, i am 22 with a 10 week old daughter.. i live at kallangur.. might be to far but if you want to chat or meet up sometime. i can meet you half way...
Hey.. I am a young mum from Ipswich looking to chat to other mums in the Ipswich or surrounfing areas. I am 23 and have a baby girl who is 8 months old. My e-mail is [email protected] if any other young mums out there would like to chat....

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

HI Kelly I've just sent you an email!
Hi! I'm not sure why you didnt get my email, I 'll tr again l8a. Well I'll say hi to here you anyway, I have stated my info to Tammara a few posts back so you'll know that I'm 23 with a 7month old boy Xavier. He's a real ratbag who is crawling way too fast for my liking. He has bruises all over his head from climbing on things and falling off! Crawling isnt so fantastic now that the novelty has worn off, I can't leave him for 2 seconds!
I'm interested in meeting some mums my age in my area or close by so I'd love to chat with you some more and get to know you. Maybe Tammara, you and I can meet up one day?
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