Thought I'd let you know about the Women's Forum which is scheduled for Friday 25 November at 7:30pm at Brisbane Convention Centre, South Bank. This is something Melinda Tankard Reist is behind (author of "Giving Sorrow Words", which is a collection of various first-hand accounts of women who have been hurt by abortion - apparently a lot higher than we think.) If you want to pass this info on to the any individuals who you come across, you are welcome.

It is now recognised by many psycologists and other health experts that abortion is often extremely damaging to women, who usually feel they have no choice in the matter, in a society which doesn't actively support mothers who are single, (or even married women who are in a position which makes it hard to have a baby at that time in their lives). There is still a stigma attached to single mothers and even though many women would like to keep their babies, they are advised against it by those around them (and often experience many physical side-effects afterwards). The condition "post abortion syndrome" is now recognised as a time where women grieve the child they lost through lack of choice, support, abuse etc.

Here is the link for the "Pro Women and Pro Life" forum in Brisbane;



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