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Mum to be in New Farm Lock Rss

My first baby is due in the first week of March. I am looking for anyone to chat to in a similar position who lives close by to the New Farm area.
Hi Jen! I'm currently living in New Farm with a 4 month old baby boy - Wilhelm. We're looking out for some people to meet with that live close by too!

How's the pregnancy going for you? Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl yet or are you going to leave it as a surprise?

I'd love to stay in touch... especially cause we both live so close!

Tamara smile

Tam Qld. Wilhelm born 29th Aug 05

hey Jen

you are the first person close to me. my name is vanessa i live in red hill and often am in new farm to take my two boys (8mth and almost 3) to new farm park.
if you would like to catch up my email address is
[email protected]

P.S I hope the birth went well and congratulations

nessk, QLD 2 boys

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