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hi i just went to a park and my son love it there was another baby there a couple of months older than my son but he was having soo much fun

i was wondering if anyone around beenleigh area would like to start going to the park (duck pond) to have a bbq on sunday maybe once a month or something like that i dont see much other mum and i like for my son to meet other baby it would be good email me [email protected] or leave a message

husband or partner come too my partner need someother dad

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

Oh I am really miffed, I have just moved from Beenleigh and was looking for another mother to socialize with. I love that park as well. Good luck I hope you meet some one soon.


really where did u move too

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

I am way over in Bracken Ridge now sad
I loved living over there, I used to live in Pheasant Ave which is the street right next to the park.
I really miss being over there


really cool i live in boundary st witch is close too

well i hope someone read this and want to go

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

Hi funkyhi,
I live in Eagleby, but don't have transport, but maybe we could meet occasionally for a cuppa or lunch! My email is [email protected] if you would like to chat. I have a little boy who was one in April.


Mother of 3, Qld

hey, i live in eagleby area. ive got 2 boys age 5 , 3 . my oldest son is starting year 1 next year. i know its hard to meet people as ive got the same trouble as well. my email address is [email protected]

i know where the duck pond is, and i know my boys would love to have new play mates to play with...and it would get me out as well...we all hope to hear from you soon

loretta, qld 5 &3 yr old boys

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