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Does anyone know where you can buy Disney products Lock Rss

Hello years ago there was a Disney shop in Garden City at Upper Mt Gravatt but it is now gone. I know you can get cool kids things in the ABC shops but apart from places like Movie World does anyone know any where in the Brisbane area you can buy Disney things ie Clothes, Toys and accessories? I am trying to find clothes with the Wiggles on it but not having much luck. Thanks
i saw a disney shop down at the harbour town down the gold coast look in your brisbane road map
for hrbour town in the gold coast there alot of discount shop too
i know you take the first turn off ofter wet and wild and it on that road
hope that help

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

Hey funkyhi, Thank you thank you thank you. I didnt even think to try Harbour Town. Its only about 30mins drive away so I will be going there. Thanks heaps!!!
that ok hope you get what you looking for im not far away either i go there when i want something to buy im in beenleigh

have fun

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

Hello again, I live at Shailer Park, my mum lives in Beenleigh and my family Dr is in Beenleigh.........small world. We went to Harbour Town when Caleb was only a few months old. We didnt find much on the day so we havent been back. Also as you know the time just gets away from you!! Great talking to you!!
Did you have any luck with harbourtown? The place I saw was the Merry-go-round (I think that's what it's called). They have ALLL that sort of stuff there and usually discounted!
A good place to try is Ebay. A lot of dealers sell new items as well as second hand.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Hi nyrrek, Thanks for that. I have been buying a few things of eBay but I was wondering where people were getting it all from. I was so shocked to find a whole American site selling Wiggle things!!
A few of the Wiggle things I have bought off eBay have a Target tag on them so I guess that must be where they are coming from. I have tried the ABC shop but they had nothing just toys.
Thanks again for your reply I really appreciate it!!
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