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New playgroup!!!!!COME JOIN US......... Lock Rss

Hi,my name is Leanne I am a mum of a baby girl who is 11months.A group of mum's and I have just started up a new playgroup at Clevland Baptist Church on Mondays 9.30-11.30.There are a great bunch of mum's.We will also be having people coming to talk to us about baby and toddler issuies such as feeding,sleeping and much more.We all know how hard it can be haveing a baby and all the mum's there are a good support.So if you are a new mum or a mum with a toddler we would love to see you.Any questions please email me at [email protected]

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

love to be there but to far to come i hope to chat msn and meet up soon for coffee

[email protected] plainland qld


My name is Fee and i have a son who is 8 months - as you could expect from my username his name is Thomas.

I work full time but i have an inhome nanny who looks after Thomas 5 days per week. Would she be able to join you???

I will raise it with her after i get a reply!


Fee, Brisbane, QLD Mum to 2 boys.

Hi Fee,that would be no worries at all.Give us a call on 0431223257 or 38290473.Or you can email me at [email protected] hope to talk to you soon

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

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