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Hi, I'd be interested in hearing from any mums who are currently studying, particularly any completing Bachelor of Education, which I am studying at the moment.
Hey Christine,

I was studying but found it really hard with a young bubby, so I have put it oh hold for another year. I will be going back to finish my psychology. There is another young mum around the corner from me and she is studying to be a teacher. She has just put her 1 year old into day care and resumed studies. My baby is one but I can't bare to part with him at the moment. Hopefully will be able to next year.


Manda, Boronia Heights, 3 year old DS and 1 year o

Hi Christine,

I will be resuming my Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice again in June when Kyla is 6 months. I don't know how I will go, but I will have my mum for support. I only have a little bit to go!!

What uni are you studying at?

I have just gone back to full time uni this year, at UQ, doing first year of Vet Science which has been a long time dream, so while I hate putting DD in daycare 5days a week, I feel really good about doing something positive for me and treasure the weekends and free afternoons we have together!

Girl, April2005

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