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smile Hello, my name is Belinda, Iam 26 years old, married and have a 6 month old baby girl, I live in the Redcliffe area and I would like to meet mums and bubs to go to playgroups with, have coffee, walks ect... If your interested you can reply here or email me at hope to talk soon.. see ya
Hi Belinda, Im Bec 19 years old, I also live around the Redcliffe area with my partner who works all day and bub who is 10 months old soon. I would also like to meet with other mums with bubs around this area. My email is if you want to talk. smile

Bec and Isabel (4th June 2005), Bris

HI Belinda !

My name is Silvia and I also live in Redcliffe area (margate) and have a 22months old boy !
We would love to meet up in the park or somewhere! my boy needs to run around because he is really active !
I'm a bit older than you (31) but hope that's ok !!
Hope to hear from you all !!!!
Bye for now ...
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