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scrapbooking classes??? Lock Rss

hi everyone. i want to make a scrapbook of my son's 1st bday party but i want it to be special. i was wondering if anyone knows of any cheap scrapbooking classes in caboolture?
Hi yummy mummy01.

Not sure I can help you but thought i'd write to keep an eye on this thread as I would be interrested too, been meaning to start one with DD1 and now i have bub#2 due in the next 10 weeks, i'm going to be busy.

mummy of 2 girls

hi charlis mum. do u live in caboolture? i actually found a scrapbooking shop that does free classes for beginners they are located at morayfield shopping centre. im definitely gonna check that out.
Hi there....I think i know the one.

I'm at Narangba, let me know how you go and i'll try and get there at same stage to join up.

Thanks for letting me know.

mummy of 2 girls

Blossies is AWESOME girls!

My grandma scrapbooks there ALL the time and a family friend does a class there!!!!


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