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New friends wanted :0) Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
I am a mum to 5 gorgeous kiddies and am looking to make some new friends from everywhere.
I have just started a new small forum for mums and would love to see you there :0)

[Edited on 31/01/2010]
hi there... im married, 23, two kiddies, a boy 3 and a little girl almost 2.. im currently in springfield lakes, but dont mind traveling that bit further to catch up...

I See The Role Of A Mummy A Gift NOT A Job!

hi ive got 4 kids, one boy and 3 girls. i'm a stay at home mum. love to make new friends

I have a 22mth old daughter and live in Flinders View, Ipswich. Looking to make some friends for bubs and to get out of the house!!!!
i have at 2 almost 3 year old, i'm looking for friends with children so my son has some one to play with, i live in Flinders View and i also just want to get out of the house ! smile
I also am in Flinders View, I have a 15 month old boy and would love to meet up with other local mums, maybe at the park to give the kids a chance to play and to meet/make new friends as well smile
hi i am a s.a.h.m to 6 kids and live in springfield i am almost 30 have 5 girls and 1 boy ranging from 6 mths to almost 10 hope to chat soon.


Beth8Abbi7Zoe5Dani3Evan2madi 1mth

hi everyone

my name is Sally i live at Brassall love to meet new people got a 10 month old son called Saxon i also go to a playgroup every thursday at busy beat cafe in ipswich at 9.30-11.30 they do arts cafes songs ect they cafe has what we need change tables toys lovely staff and great food and good company find us in the back off the cafe
hi, im a 29yr mum of 4 from waterford west. just looking to meet other mums with kids around the same age. mine are 5yr old girl, 4 yr old boy, 1 yr old boy and 9mth old girl.

Emma, QLD

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