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I'm wanting to purchase a baby carrier for my 12 week old son this week. Cant decide between the Baby Bjorn synergy or Ergo. Any comments would be helpfull on comfort for baby & mum, cutting into babys legs etc. The strap that is up near thier head when facing mum on the Synergy looks to rest on their face?
I would go for the Ergo. I love them smile it, best money we ever spent and DS2 still happily goes in it and he's coming up to 3. The ERGO keeps them in the correct anatomical position which the Bjorns do not, despite being redesigned recently.

When DS2 was a baby I could wear it for hours and not be in any pain, which was a good thing because of how often I was wearing him. He wasn't big on sleeping anywhere but in his cot (or our bed) but he'd sleep in the ERGO if he was in it long enough and he'd be really relaxed while he was doing it.

I think the ergo looks great but I wasn't sure about spending that amount of money so I bought a Mei Tai and I love it! It's easy to fold up and put in your nappy bag and can be worn on front, back or hips. The only thing is it can't be used for a newborn, however I bought some material and made the equivalent of a "hug-a-bub" and used that up until DD was 3 months old and able to hold her head well.
I wouldn't use a baby Bjorn again. I found it was only really useful when DS2 was 6 months cause he fit perfectly in it. Now he's 9 months he's too heavy and it hurts my back after 10 mins.

I was given a Hug-a-bub and I'll definately be using it again for #3
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