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Funny I had a car till today... whe it broke down on the Ipswich Motorway angry Have to wait till monday to call to see when I can get it fixed I hate not having a car I have caught the bus b4 but with both girls & a double pram its just too much hard work!

Hi Leisha,

My name is Tracey and i am 27 years old. We live at Springfield Lakes and would love to join a playgroup dpending on which days you want to meet up. My DS is 10 months old on Monday. Would be lovely to have a group of friends to chat with and our children to play together. My neighbour also has 8 month old twins and I'm sure she would be keen to come along. Where, when and how often do you want to meet up? What about the Queens Park or something similiar. There is a Lake and park area over this way but might be too far for those in Central Ipswich to travel to. We could all bring a plate of food for a picnic. Any of you can add me on FB I am under Tracey Swifte.

hi there

My Name is Sally i have a 10 month old son he love kids as well i also go to a playgroup on thursday at busy beat cafe 9.30 - 11.30`or u can email me at [email=""][/email] i live at brassall
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