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Hi all

I have recently moved to Redbank Plains area within the past month, I'm due for baby #1 in about 10 weeks EDD 17th October 2010.

I would love to meet other mothers and mothers to be in and around the area. I don't know many people in or around Brisbane or others with children.
Hi there

my name is Tess and I live at Forest Lake and have just given birth to my first baby (6 days old)...

Send me a PM if you want to get to know each other a bit wink

Tess wink

Hi Girls,

my names Katie and i have a 15 month old son Hunter. We have just moved to Springfield Lakes and would love to meet some new mummies if you are free?

Tess your little man us absoloutely gorgeous.

Take Crae smile


Hey Katie,

I'm also new to the area so love to meet up with new people. I'm at Redbank Plains but happy to travel to meet others. I only rely on public transport but I'm used to that. Like tomorrow getting from Redbank Plains to the RBWH for my midwife appointment that's meant to take me about an hour and half. Then after that from RBWH to Eatons Hill (to visit my mum and see my GP, haven't changed as yet as i prefer to deal with him at least until after my pregnancy) which is up towards Strathpine/Chermside way on the Northside of Brisbane. Then stay at Mum's for the night as I don't think I could cope with the 2 hour trip home and through peak hour YUCK and so many people don't seem to let pregnant women sit so awkward on the Trains.

look forward to hearing more from you

Hey Hayley,

Wow i could not imagine having to go on all that transport! i am not good with public transport at the best of times let alone when im pregnant. 10 weeks is not long - im sure your getting excited. will this be your first bub?

how have you found the care at RBWH?

Take care


Hey again Katie,

Yes this is our first, and it's a little boy we so can't wait until he is here. Usually if I head up towards my family over the northside my partner takes me up, but he's in the Army and on a course this week so can't get time off work to take me, he's feeling a little bad but hey he has to work.

The little man has been keeping me awake most nights, kicking like 24/7 as cute as it is I can't wait for it to stop. And yes I realise as soon as he is born I'll miss it.

Midwife appointment tomorrow to discuss birthing plan so kinda nervous about that and what to expect.

The RBWH I haven't had a problem yet I've been pretty happy so far

Hi everyone,
I live in Springfield Lakes and would love to meet new people.
I Have a 3.5yr old son and a 4 week old daughter. My name is Ashleigh and im 24.

Hi Rian&Amelie - welcome to the forum, look forward to getting to know you more and hopefully we are able to organise something soon and get a few people together.
That sounds great!

Hi i'm Leisha, i have a 18 month old little girl and i'm due with another in December. I live in North Booval and don't really know any other parents, but would love to meet up with some other mummies.

Sounds great Leisha,

I've lost alot of motivation the last couple of weeks so trying to organise anything hasn't really happened unfortunately!
Oh that's okay hun. You need as much rest as you can get, so i understand.

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