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Thanks Leisha, how has your pregnancy been so far anyway?
Hi my names jess im from redbank plains i have 11mth old boy/girl twins. I'd love to meet more mums from the area as i only moved from the northside about a year ago so dont know many people either. would love to meet up with other mums!
Hey smile
I'm Bec. I live in Raceview..i have a 2 year old son and a 4 month old daughter and would love to meet up with some other mums. Feel free to add me on facebook- Bec Stewart
Hope to talk to you all soon!

i'm kat i have 4 month old twin boys.

Hey Kat, Bec and Jess.

I'm Hayley and only have just over 7 weeks of my pregnancy left with my first. I've recently moved to Redbank Plains in the last couple months so i know no one in the area. Moving and getting around is becoming a little difficult at the moment and I am spending more and more time with my parents on the Northside of Brisbane with my partner being in the Army and being away a little at the moment. I feel a little more relaxed at my parents than at home on my own.

But would love to organise something soon with you girls when you are free. I don't know the area to well so I'm finding it hard to suggest somewhere especially to you who already have children.

I'd love to do something soon. We could meet up at lollipops in springfield if anyone is keen? my two love it and its free for adults on fridays. im organising to go there this friday if anyone would like to meet up?
I would love to, but have already been invited to a mothers group (a monthly thing, my first day) at a Library near me the same day. Kinda nervous actually. but other than hospital and GP appointments I'm always free...
I would love to meet up soon but this week is no good for me. I have some friends that would be interested too but i don't know if they could make it to Springfield.....would anyone be interested in meeting at Queens Park one day so they could come to?

I would Bec, just not sure when as yet...

Queens park is fine for us. free most days

Hi all,
Where is Queens Park? Im from NZ and have no idea where things are around here lol.
We are able to travel but only in the mornings as my partner starts work at 2 and takes the car. Any morning is fine for us.

Hey Amelie Queens Park is at Ipswich, here's a website that may help!

And Kat I'm free most days, but at the moment with my partner being away a little I stay on the north side with my parents (don't feel so good on my own and if anything happens with the pregnancy) but other than GP appointments and Hospital appointments I'm pretty much free all the time just sometimes I can't leave the house with the swelling in my legs and feet. My GP wasn't to impressed when he seen the swelling and to keep my feet up yet that is all I seem to do!
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