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yeah I was the same, 1st and 3rd trimester killed me, and I still occasionally have morning sickness (hit bad again this week) 2nd trimester had little morning sickness but still felt like I could do anything...
Oh you poor thing. I thought i was going to die when i got morning sickness this time around. It only lasted for a couple of weeks though, thank god.

yeah a few people I have spoken to said their first pregnancy they were small (not as small as I am, no way you would think I was due in 7 weeks) and the morning sickness stuck around for a long time sad YAY haha

Your welcome to add me to facebook if you like... Hayley Morgan (
wow not long to go.. i bet it will go slow for you though, always does lol

I got facebook open in another window, so i'll add you now smile

I tried changing my restrictions on facebook so hope your able to find me! They keep changing so no idea how to change them anymore!
argh stupid facebook, i can't find you sad You try adding me..Leisha Zanders

found you, I don't know how to change settings I'm presuming you were the one with the ultrasound pic!
Yep thats me grin

nice found you and sent off a request!

hope everyone is well.

Hey Katrina I just sent off a request, hope I found the right person
Hey guys,
Feel free to add me aswell...Bec Stewart. Hope you have a great time at Lollipops tomorrow. For the girls expecting...hope you're all doing ok. I'm looking forward to meeting up some time.

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