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Anyone live brisbane/bracken ridge Lock Rss

Hi i live in bracken ridge.
i have 5 weeks left having my first child a girl
i have had a bad pregnancy
9 bladder infection then found out about having a short cervix


Claire Qld Phoebe born 31/5/06 xavier born 1/1/08

Hi Claire,

I'm Ruvae and I live in Petrie, which is pretty close to you. I'm 26 and have 2 beautiful boys, Sebastian 3 and Jett 11 weeks.

If you're still looking to make some new email is [email protected]
if you'd like to catch up some time. It's such a shame you've had a bad first pregnancy....I bet it's nothing like you imagined! lol What does having a 'short cervix' mean? Have you picked any names yet?

Anyway, that's enough of the 20 questions from me lol

take care
Hi, I live in Bracken Ridge (Enbrook Heights) I have a baby girl almost 3 months. If you need to chat you can email me at [email protected]

otherwise good luck in June.

Allison and Ava

Allison,QLD,Ava 21/2/06

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