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What is the weather like up there?
We are coming up this weekend and will be staying for the week with my family. I am going to be packing this afternoon and need to know what the weather will be like.

It was beautiful & sunny over the long weekend, but was raining last night, a bit cool this morning but sunny at the moment, I would pack some warm clothes, as the mornings and nights can be cool.
Agree with pp. Think layers, it's a bit cooler in the mornings (light long sleeves) but in the middle of the day you should be fine with t-shirts.


Yep agree with both PP's.....nights are cooler and the mornings are getting a bit nippy so pack some warmer clothes. I've started putting my boys into the lighter winter pyjamas (the cotton longsleeved type) but it's not cold enough for the flannies or jumper/tracksuit type pj's just yet.

mid-morning to mid-afternoon's have been lovely....sunny & warm but not stinking hot...loving this weather smile

Roll on winter hehehe

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Thanks for that Ladies. It will be much nicer weather than here is not so sunny SA grin

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