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Midwifery Student Rss

Hi Ladies,

My name is Danielle and I am a 2nd year midwifery student and mummy to two beautiful children.

As part of my assesment for university I have to follow through women throughout their pregnancy, during labour and follow up postnatally. My role is to be an advocate for the woman and support person during her amazing journey.

I will be required to attend 5 antenatal visits, the labour and birth and 2 postnatal visits.

I can only follow through women who are having their babies at Mater Mothers, Royal Brisbane, Ipswich, St Andrews and The Wesley.

If you are interested or know any woman who maybe or would like some more information, please feel free to message me or email me at

Thanks Danielle
Hi, i dont need a midwife as ive just had my baby, but i just wanted to say to anyone who isnt sure about this or whatever, its a really nice thing. I had a student midwife follow me through my pregnancy, and it was nice to have a familiar face at the antenatal appointments and birth. especially if you go public when you have have one set person that you know will be in the birth etc. They are really supportive and help you out alot in the birth room (mine did anyways).

If you give it a go and decide that you dont like it for whatever reason, you can just let them know that you dont want them with you anymore (that sounds a bit mean, didnt know how else to word it)
Agreed with PP. Having a student is wonderful! I would absolutely recommend it! Having an extra pair of hands at the birth, or even just a familiar face who knows what they are doing is great!! Highly recommend it!!
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