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Working ;Parents Group for South Brisbane and Logan Areas. Lock Rss

My Name is Jemma,, My husband is Andrew and we have a little angle ( sometimes ) called Isabella who is 21 months old . I have decided to start a parents Group for working parents. Most groups are for stay at home mums, which is all well and good, but if like me, you are working full time, you will find it difficult to get to any to the meetings and play dates and sometimes feel judgement from the stay at home mums.

This group is for both mums and dads to meet other families, have play dates and family days out.

This group is open to anyone else with children aged 0-5 who would like to meet with other families in the local south Brisbane and Logan communities.

To join this group please find us on facebook under Working parents South Brisbane/ Logan .
Hey, I am 9 weeks away from my due date,and will be a single mum working ft from when bub is around 6-8 weeks. I have been thinking about play groups but concerned that there would be no working mums. Is this something you guys are still doing?

I'll be in the same boat. I'm not due until October but I'll be going back to work full time as of February.

Is this group still up and and running?


I haven't heard anything from my post Kirstin, and haven't had any luck in finding working mums support groups sad
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