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Any single mums around? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I'm 24 years old, and a first time single mum. My bub is one month old, and for e first time I'm starting feel a little down about it all, especially with Father's Day next week- and knowing my daughter won't have her very own special connection with her own dad that I have with mine. Any other single mums around? I don't know any and would love to know someone who's been through it. Also returning to work full time in 4 weeks and hoping I will be able to cope with it all ;(
Hi im a single Mum as well. There is a fantastic group of single Mums and those trying to concieve on a site called Solo Mums by Choice. The ladies are fantastic and are great support.
I've been a single parent for about 10 years and I hear you on the Father's Day thing. I feel like every ad on tv and every mention of Father's Day is a knife to my sons heart. Wish I could wrap him up and take him away from this seemingly inevitable, annual pain. I find all I can do is allow my son to feel how he feels and acknowledge how hard it must be not having his dad around. I don't know what else I can do. It would be pretty hard working full time with such a young bub, do you have child care or family to help? I hope things go smoothly for you. Be kind to yourself as you go as its a big job you're doing. All the best.
I'm a single mum.
My daughter is 4 months old.
Her father has never even met her, not even once! Which makes me sad sometimes.
For Father's Day we are spending it with my dad and the family.
One day I hope that ill meet someone and settle down and he will be the father figure in my daughters life but for now, for her, it's "Poppy's Day".
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