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Witnesses for our wedding Lock Rss

Hi all,
Me and my partner are new in Brisbane and we are getting married at the registry office our only friends are away when we will be getting married so they can't make it.

Now we don't have any witnesses.
Is there anyone who are stay at home moms or work from home and can take some time out of their day to be our witness?

Queensland require that you must have two witnesses and the registry office don't offer staff members to act as witnesses as it's seen as conflict of interest.

Feel extremely silly for even coming here writing this but don't know what to do and don't want to cancel our wedding.

Anyone with free time who can help?
Thank you ladies
I'm in NSW so can't help but good luck with it all.
My partner and I are eloping in 2 weeks (haven't told a soul until now) and were going to do it at the local court house but decided not to because of the witness rule.
We are getting married in a local church, just a quick ceremony with the 2 of us and they are supplying witnesses.
I hope you find some. smile

Thank you for the reply. Thought I was the only one active one these boards tongue.

Didn't cross my mind to do it at the church just the two of us. Something to think about. Hopefully can cancel and get our money back. Will be contacting some local churches now. Thank you so much for that idea smile
No probs. Yes this forum has died down a lot over the years. Hardly anyone on it these days.
We had our son baptised 6 months ago at the church and have been "sucking" up a bit by attending here and there so they were happy to do it for us.

Lol good one. We'll have to do some serious sucking up if they will consider us. Probably too late for us as well. Wedding date set for 4 weeks so...hopefully things will work out for us.

Anyways hun, good luck on your upcoming union <3 smile
There's also heaps of different elopement companies online that will do it for you and even supply witnesses. We were going to go with one of them before we discovered the church will do it for us. They can cost a couple of grand though.


They will arrange witnesses surly, or you find some nearby people either way you have to pay .Best of Luck for Marriage
Hi Felicia

How did it go for you guys?

Have you found some witnesses?
Nice info post,thanks/
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