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Searching for an egg donor. Lock Rss

I like many women, have always wanted children and considered my role to be that of wife and mother.

At the age of 34 to my surprise I found myself pregnant, however the pregnancy and in time, the relationship did not continue.

Several years later I found myself in the postion of having to make the decision to either fulfill my dream of being a mother, but doing it alone or hope that I may meet my life partner and risk the chance of never having children.

At the age of 42 after testing and numerous rounds of IVF, I had one egg from six fertilise. That egg went on to become my son. He is now 21/2 years old. I consider myself extremely lucky to have him and I believe I surprised even my doctor when he was conceived.

I wanted to be able to watch my children playing together and care for each other, however my attempts at # 2 were not successful. Whilst I told myself I would walk away and be happy with one I found my desire for a child too strong.

My only chance now of having another child is thru the generousity of a special woman who marvels when she sees the interaction between her own children, to donate her eggs.

If you are happy, healthy and under the age of 34 and believe you can help us please email me at [email protected]

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kim, QLD, seeking egg donor

Hello My name is Kate, I understand the preasure that you feel you are under. It dose not have to be this way, my advice to you is to plan your future, make sure that you are happy, dont put your self down belive in the unbelivable and you may find that things just start to happen. Putting your self under preasure is only going to cause your body to break down, mabie you should try some relaxing activity (e.g meditation) what ever it is you find frustrating just dont do it, be happy with the way your life is and try to see your self with the child you want, be spontanios dont let the tv get in the way of your relationships and rember that to have what you want dosent make you happy, you must be happy befor you have, I realy belive that things dont happen for a reason, It depends on the way we look after our self, and some times it can be our dna make up. please dont rush your self, try work towards what you want and good luck. Have you thought about adoption the most selfless act is to love, there are so many children without a family who need your love and there already here. Love Kate

kate,qld,twins & three more

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