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Child friendly venues Lock Rss

Has anyone got any suggestions for child friendly coffee shops/venues whereby the parents can relax and have a coffee and chat and don't have to worry about the children escaping.

I went to Scallywags at virginia last week. its a bit average as far as a coffee shop goes but something along those lines would be great...alternatively a park with a fence

Kim, QLD, seeking egg donor

Hi There. I'm not sure how helpful these will be as I'm not sure where you live, but there are three that I know of near us. There is Hippo House, Morayfield Road (Behind MacDonalds), Morayfield; FeekooMeekoo, Northern End of Morayfield Shopping Centre, Morayfield Road, Morayfield, and lastly, Chipmunks at North Lakes Shopping Centre at Mango Hill/North Lakes.

James' Mum

Hi Kim,

Have you tried Lollipops at Cannon Hill. It's just behind Kmart and is the same deal - kiddie play area with coffee shop attached.

Take care,
Me again,

There is also Toy Town (or something like that) at Browns Plains. Haven't been there but have heard it is under new management and supposed to be pretty good.

Also Garden City shopping centre upstairs has a bit of a climby thing for kids - it's next to Michels Patisserie (outside harvey norman) and is free, though it's nothing huge that you could spend a couple of hours at.

Hope this helps.

Take care,
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