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Deciding which hospital? Lock Rss

Hi all didn't know where to post this.

We are planning for number 2. DS was born at Caboolture and I had a real bad time their. Will not go back. Ds almost died due to midwifes not calling doc in early enough and bad after care. We have private cover and I was just wondering if any one could tell me what hospital they went to and thought was great in Brisbane area. I was thinking of going to north west as heard it was good.
Thanks everybody.


DS 13months


my partner an i decided on the mater mothers hospital at south brisbane. we went public but there is also the mater mothers private hospital also at the same hospital.

our ds was born in february and the treatment we had in public was very good. they helped as much as possible before during and after the baby was born.

the midwife that we had during labour stayed around to see the baby born as her shift finished 4 mins before he was born. she hung around for 15mins. we even chatted while i ws having contractions in the early stages.

the only thing that was bad was the food!

also if you live out near caboolture you may not be able to get the homecare service they offer.

well thats my opinion and experience on the mater mothers hospital.

ps sorry to hear about your bad experience at the caboolture hospital.

pps the mater also has a neonatal intensive care unit if anything does go wrong and it is especially for babies only so they dont deal with any others so its definately specialised for babies and babies only.

hope that helps

i was called ballo!

Hi Mindy,

I have had four children in the last 5 years at Sunnybank Private Hopsital, i think they are fantastic and wouldnt go anywhere else.

I have a great obstatrition, the midwifes are fantastic. They offer all the services a modern labour ward has to offer. Cant fault them!!!


Ceri mother of 4

I had my little boy at the Mater Mothers Private.

Couldn't have asked for better care!

Zac 18/05/06, Jaron 22/11/07

Hi Mindy, I had my DS at the Redlands Mater Private Hospital, and it was just like a hotel stay (except for the horrible child birth bit)! They were (according to the midwives) really busy when I was there - there were 5 babies born that week... So it was basically 1 midwife to 2 mums at all times so always someone available to help you out. Possibly a little too far for you to consider though.

What I was going to say was a friend had her bub last November at the Buderim Private Hospital. It was gorgeous there. The hospital has lovely gardens etc, and she was in a room with its own ensuite. It also had a long bench along the side of the room with a baby bath and change station built in so you didn't have to do it all in the little bassinette.

They provided all baby clothes etc, and I think partner meals were $7 for a dinner from memory. The meals looked really nice.

I'd also recommend North West - my sister had both her bubs there and had good experiences both times.
Hi Mindy,
I had a planned c-section at North West 10 weeks ago. And my stay there was absolutely sensational.
We had a bad last 10 weeks of pregnancy - and I had to go to the hospital every second day for a CTG plus an ultrasound every week.
The girls there were extremely accomodating.
I direct a childcare centre, and plenty of my parents have delivered their children there also. Only positive reports!


Kobie, Brisbane, Mum to Oscar & Harry

Hi Mandy,
I had my last baby at North West Private and I found the midwives to be fantastic,the hospital was great and the care was really good, they didn't bug you and when they came to check u they were happy to have a chat if you wanted to, I had all my three kids at different hospitals because Peninsula Private shut down the obstetric side when I had 4 weeks to go with my second baby so I had to go to Redcliffe as that was the only other hospital my Obstetrician went, I ended up with a different Obstetrician with my third as the one I had for the first 2 retired from obstetrics, I swore that I wouldn't go back to Redcliffe as I didn't like the care I got and my bub nearly died because of poor judgement by the midwives I had, I also refused to go to Caboolture as I had heard a few horror stories, very happy with North West and the Doc I had and if I had any more bubs I would definately go back again.

mum of 3.Qld Boy 7years,Girl 5 years,Girl 13months

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