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South Bank -morning tea Lock Rss

Hi was just wondering if anyone would like to meetup at Southbank for a morning Tea picnic in the park, sometime soon. Just list the days that are most suitable to you and I will try to find something to suit everyone

Mel, Qld 2 boys

hi mel
i would love to have a picnic with the kids !!!!!
my 11 year old just started the holiday and he is already booooorreeedd!!!!!
i can only come on weekdays !!! weekend r family time that's when my husband is off work!!!
it would be good to take a baby out too !!!
at the moment i got the flu but let you know when i feel better !!!!
keep in touch!!
Hi there. I guess after christmas i would love to meet up with some other mums, but before then is too hectic. smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hi silvie,
I am just getting over the flu as well!!!!! holidays start next week for me with my kids so any day that suits you will be great you can email me at [email protected] and we will try to arrange something. Look forward to chatting to you soon.

Mel, Qld 2 boys

hello everybody!!!
hi mel!!!
hope you feel better !!! i'm a bit better now !!!!
i will keep in touch about that picnic not sure when though it might only be after the christmas -new year holidays !!!! my friend is coming over from sydney so i'm a bit busy now !!!
how old r your boys ????
mine r 11 and 6 months !!!!!
ok keep in touch !!!!!
Hi mel74, would love to do a morning tea, on holidays but after xmas sounds gr8 smile

Karen, QLD, 2 GRLS + 1 BOY

Hi girls,
Sounds as though after chrissy is the go my boys are turning 4 and 5 in december and janruary and I also have my 9 yr old daughter for the holidays, we arent going away so whatever suits everyone is fine with me. email me at [email protected] or add me to msn messenger is [email protected]

Mel, Qld 2 boys

Hey i would love to come.I have 3 children Hayden 7,Nicholas 10 and Breanna 17 months.
please email me [email protected]

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

just got a couple of minutes to spare so i tought i just let you know that i'm still around it is just my house is full of guests and didn't have a chance to do much else just entertain them !!!but it is good !! i have a lot of babysitters !!!! we r all well looking forward to christmas !!!!
all the best !!!!
Hi everyone,
was just checking to see if anyone wanted to do southbank and what day of the week would be most suitable.

Mel, Qld 2 boys

I'd love to come, i have 2 daughters Caitlin who is 4 and Ella who is 6 months. Tuesdays are my best day to do things, Southbank is a great place to take the kids.

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

I like the idea of a meet, and southbank was my inital thought but then i thought, maybe somewhere not near water, and perhaps alittle less busy, would be a good idea for a first meeting??

That way the mums can reax and not have to stress about the kids either dissappearing into large crowds or going near the water?? smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

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