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new mum in forest lake Lock Rss

hi my name is Tammie im 23, im a first time mum to a 9 week old girl named Jade and we would love to met some new friends who have kids around the Forest Lake area. my email address is [email protected]

Tammie Qld girl 2.2.05, boy 30.5.06

Hi Tammie

My name is Mel and i live in Inala. I am a mum to a wonderful boy Tristan who has just turned 3. I am 21. How do you like being a mum? Well I betta go but my e-mail is [email protected] I dont get alot of a chance to return e-mails but eventually I will so pleaseif you do decide to contact me don't be surprised if i don't return it right away


mel, qld, tristan 4

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