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Mother of 4 and expecting my 5th Lock Rss

Hi Mums,

I'm 27 and pregnant with number 5 due 17 Feb 2004. if any one has any advice on copeing with extreme tiredness let me know. Also weening off of the dummy. I have only used one with my 4th child and have relyed on it to help settle and put her to sleep. Natasha has just turned 1 and goes nuts when I take it off her or when it falls out during the night. Any advice would be helpful!

Ruvay, Salisbury Brisbane, mother of 6


First of all just wanted to say I won't be complaining about raising a child (1) when i see women like you expecting your fifth. Good on you.
A good way I found was to give teething rusks as much as possible instead of dummy and very occasional a lolli pop so the sucking feeling is still there and everytime she wants the dummy put something you know she won't like on the end after a taste give her the rusk to compensate, All going to plan she will begin to associate a yukky taste with the dummy. at night try keeping her awake as long as possible so eventually she will fall asleep without it.

GOOD LUCK with this and your new baby.

If you ever want to chat. [email protected]

Lisa. Mum of 15mth Alex

Lisa QLD 8-8-02

Hi ruvay,

Where in brisbane do you live? About the extreme tiredness there is really only one way to get rid of it and that is to rest. I'm sure like us all you have had people say I'll babysit for you or if you need anything just ask. Well you really have to bight the bullet, they may not want to take all four kids at once but if you have two or three friends that would take them say a couple of hours one day a week at the same time that will help greatly. But this time is not for you to catch up on housework or to do the shopping but for you to tske a nice relaxing bath and then rest it may not even to take a sleep but get a nice book or a relaxing craft that you like. But don't wory about anything and don't answer the phone either take it off the hook or let the answering machine get it.

I live in oxley and wouldn't mind babysitting for you. I'm a 21yr old mum of one 10mth old, Jay. Hope this helps email me if you like [email protected]

mum to Jay born March 2003

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