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young mum with twins 16 months old Lock Rss

anyone got any question or want to talk to me. i would like that even if it is just general stuff i will be here thanks and i hope to hear from you


hi there i am 32 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys i have an 18month old little girl. where abouts do you live we are in albany creek
are your twins identical or fraternal how was your first year with them?
we had a scan today and the twins are doing so well they are 4lb10oz and 4lb8oz at one stage they thought we had twin to twin and were very worried now its such a relief they are thriving so well
how was your pregnancy

Anita,QLD,mother of madi,lachlan and harrison

Hi Stephanie !!!

I have a little boy whos just a bit younger than your twins ! he is nearly 15months old !! do you have boys or girls ?? where do you live in Qld ??
i live in redcliffe !!!
hope to hear from you soon!!!
if you want to go theres going to be a young mums meet at South bank Brisbane on Friday the 21st of October, to meet other young mums (and mums to be) have some lunch and a swim, if you or anyone else is interested. My email is [email protected] if you want to email me about it, if your interested.

Mummy to Zephain 6/3/04 and Alec 11/8/05

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