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Dealing with Step Children Lock Rss

I have a 4 and 1/2 month old girl and 4 step children. These children are driving me mad and then I have to cope with a baby too. My husband is great but does not discipline the kids because of the age old excuse. "I don't see them that often and I want them to enjoy themselves without me on their backs all the time." The kids know this and think they can get away with anything. Does someone have any advice for dealing with Step CHildren.
Hi Big Momma,

I just spent all this time typing out a response, but because you are reading it I didn't want it to come across the wrong way, so to reword it in the shortened version....

Step children can be hard work, but shouldn't be treated differently to the rest of the family. Would it work for your family if you all sat down, negotiated boundaries/expectations and then consequences for breaking/bending these??? It would mean that your husband would need to be there and be an active member of the discussion, and then afterwards be seen to be backing you up and also being a consequence reinforcer when required......

Good luck....

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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