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Subject : Twin birth at RBWH (Brisbane) - who's done it? Lock Rss

Twin birth at RBWH (Brisbane) - who's done it?

Im a mum of a toddler and expecting twins. Obviously, I've kind of done this before, but it feels so different!

The RBWH is not really telling me anything - what can I expect from a twin birth at the RBWH... from when I should go in, to when I go home - and all in between!

I feel so powerless and uninformed.
I havent had a twin birth, but i have supported a woman through a vaginal birth at the Royal with twins... she did fantastically! birthed them both naturally no pain relief and the 2nd bub was breech!

The Royal were realllly good, supportive and when they found bub was breech tried to talk her into a c-sec... mum refused and they supported her!

let me know if you want more info, Melissa

Thank you so much for your response, Melissa! I'd love to hear more about the experience - how much do you remember and how long ago was it?

I'm not chasing a drug-free delivery (last time I asked for the epidural during transition and I'd defimitely consider it again), but it sounds like she was given a lot more freedom than I was expecting to have.

What position was the first twin? Was she induced or did she start naturally? I have so many questions! smile
Not a problem smile

I remember all of it, it was amazing, it was my first twin birth! and only a few months ago!

Twin 1 was head down luckily and she was induced, at 38.5 weeks! they were stubborn babies smile

Sha had alot of freedom which was FANTASTIC! had to have alot of monitering though, but that was expected.

check out my website,

still a bit messy, but im getting there lol

Hi Claire,

I am a twin mum of 2 yr old boys and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can email me at [email protected]

I am due to have my next baby in 2 weeks.

Lee, twins + 1= 3 boys

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