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what to expect with twin pregnancies Lock Rss

hi all im 8weeks and 6 days and expecting twins i have 2yo so ive been preggas before but i assume twin pregnancies are much different. can anyone let me know what to expect with the pregnancy and birth of the little bundles of joy????????

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

hi T'Jae's mum,

I am a mum of twins and can shead a bit of light on the pregnacey and labour for you. My twins are 2yrs old and my eldest is 3weeks of 4 yrs old so when the twins came along my eldest was only 21mths old it was fun. Anyways back to pregnancy with twins it is alot harder carrying two you have to take it alot eaiser especialy as you get to about 18 weeks onwards. i found the futher along i got the harder it was to sleep as it would take me about an hour to find a comftable spot to full asleep in. From about 28-30 weeks preg my husband started to sleep on our futon as he didnt want to wake me or make me move when i was asleep as i had to roll over about ever 1hr as my side that i was laying on that leg would go numb. Depending on how you twins are in your tummy one could sit up under you rib it only gets sore when sitting. And one other thing was laying on my back was just about impossable when i would have scans i would have to roll over to my side every 5-10mins as they lay on your organs and i would get realy sick other wise. other than those few little thing it was great double the kicks and movement and double the ultrasounds so lots more pics. as for the labour i found it was 10 times eaiser to have two than one the only real big diffrence was if you have a natral labour you usally give birth in stryups and they ultrasound the 2nd twin just befor push that baby out and double the equipment and i think it was 4 staff per twin abut the labour itself was so much eaiser. Sorry if i have rambled on if you want to talk somemore just send me an email on [email protected] goodluck its fantastic.

mum of izabella 3, holly and kaleb 2.
hi thanks so much for the info im hopeing to have natural birth...

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

Hi there - I have twins who are now 2 1/2 yrs old. I had a csection by choice. If you have any questions or want any info either pm me or check out
my twins are 2

c is the best option

bree-ella and isabella 12/9 04 mikayla 27/10 07

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