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April 2005 Babies Lock Rss

I am involved in a group of mums who have all had children in April 2005 (or late March early May)

We meet monthly at all different locations in Brisbane.

If you are interested feel free to respond to this msg.

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

Hey there, I'm keen to get involved with that, my son was born 29th april at logan hosp.

Im a stay at home mum, with 2 other children ages 11 & 7. Would like some adult company plus I know my son would love the company also.

Will wait for your reply


Shez, QLD

Hi ladies, if you would like more info contact me at [email protected] re:April 2005 babies.
I can then add you to my email list so you know when we have events on. smile

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

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