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Looking for a friend to talk to. Lock Rss

Hi Thereeveryone,
My name is Amanda. I have just moved to Capalaba. I don't know anyone elso. I have two Boys 1 turning 9 this year and a prem baby who is now 10 months old. If you would like to meet up I am Looking for some to talk to or to meet up with.
You can E-mail me on [email protected]

Talk to you soon.
Hey Amanda,
My name is Bec, I'm 21yo and I live in Oxley on the west side of brizzy. I have a 11 month old boy Jay, he's so cute and loves to play with others. I'm in the same situation except I haven't moved anywhere all my friends moved. I would love to chat with you. My email is [email protected]

mum to Jay born March 2003

Hi I have a nearly 2yr old little boy not sure if you are still looking to meet others in redlands but I'd love to chat some time. I live in Cleveland and being a stay at home mum I'd love to meet some other mums to talk to.. Hope to hear from u soon
email is: [email protected]

Belinda, Bris. 6yr boy & 3yr girl, 9mth girl

my name is natalee i have 4 children and i am pregnant with #5, if you are still looking for someone to talk to i live in Alexandra Hills
hi there, i have 2 under 3yrs and looking for a friend to talk to, i live at wynnum....i'm 33yrs and would love to chat and have a coffee if interested...regards karen ([email protected])
hi ladys, i have an 8yo boy, a 6yo girl, a 2 yo girl, a 7 1/2 month old boy and i am 4 1/2 months pregnant. it is not as hard as everyone would think, i now have a boyfriend who i met a year ago but before that i was raiseing the first 3 of my kids alone. from my experiance life is as good or as bad as you let it be raiseing kids by yourself or with a partner can be very hard or you can make it easy and a forfilling experiance. i have had my fair share of hard times and pain like everyone else but it is what you do with the experiances that life throws at you that makes you strong. and this is ment as suport for anyone that thinks they can't or coudn't cope with haveing anymore kids then what they have....if you had another one you would cope not only because you have too but because after you found out you were pregnant again you would want and love the child by the time it was born. woman can cope with anything because we have too be able to suport our men as well as our children because men don't cope well and are as a rule more fragile then us. honestly ladys how many men do you know could cope with have children like we do let alone changeing dirty nappies?
Hi Karen,
I have just joined Parents exchange and read your post. My name is Mel i am 30 and live in Murarrie. I have two boys aged 3&4 and we are trying for number 3 would love to get to know you my email adress is [email protected] or am using messenger [email protected]

Hope to herar from you soon.

Mel, Qld 2 boys

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