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I need a reliable handyman Lock Rss

Hi there,
Does anyone know of a good handyman/carpenter on the North Side. I need a gate built for the top of my stairs as the store bought ones dont fit my stair opening. Please let me know if you do.


Hi, how didi you go? Find one yet? I havejust called one from a flyer in the mail. He's comming out today to do some things. $30 p\h. Will let you know if hes good.

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Please let me know how you go. I rang one guy from the paper and he seems useless. The other guy was so expensive.



Hey Ann

Totally off topic but what did you have!!!!!!!!!

We will need to catch up again when you are ready! Sorry about Amy last time but the next days he was really sick ( explains why she was such a horror)


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

try ringing aristo products 3353 4845 they are based at everton hills but will do jobs anywhere

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

is it because the gate is too small? do you know you can get extensions for them? they are about $12 each panel.

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