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My name is Sara. I am 23 year old SAHM/Student Doula to 2 girls. Briley who is 18 months and Colby who is 4 months.

Would like to chat with any other mums in the area!

Talk soon.....
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Sara - Mum to Briley(05/06/06) & Colby(03/08/07)

Hi my names kelly
i dont live in townsville yet but am moving over next year wiht my husband and son who is 8months at the moment.


Hi Kelly!

Nice to meet you. Where abouts are you located now??? What's brining you too Townsville??? If you don't mind me asking ofcourse!

I am born and bred in Townsville so if you like, i'd be able to show you the sights when you get here!

Talk soon!

Sara - Mum to Briley(05/06/06) & Colby(03/08/07)

Hi Girls,I just joined this site and read your posts, hope you don't mind me replying! Im expecting my first bub in April and looking to meet other mums, I have lived in Townsville for a year but haven't really met many people...
Anyway would love to chat more to you smile
Hi all. Was chatting to ppl ages ago but ended up in hospital for a long time to have bub. Would love to chat. I have a five week old daughter which is making me tired as she hates sleep. Lived in Townsville for 6 months and would love to meet more fantastic ppl. Chat soon


Hi All

We have just moved back to Townsville after being away for 12 months (hubby is army. Erynn is 11 months old and I have just returned to work.

Look forward to chatting to you all

Hi girls!

Sorry i have'nt been around. I've have'nt been in to check posts lately!

Hi to you all...

Sara - Mum to Briley(05/06/06) & Colby(03/08/07)


I am Danni bub is 9 weeks old tomorrow (boy Rowly) i have only lived in Townsville since July. Haven't meet to many people

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I and our 7 month old are considering relocating from WA to Townsville. We are coming for a visit in march and were wondering where the best areas are to look for houses and what it is like for Mums and bubs in townsville.

We would love to hear from you.

Thanks very much

happy new mum

Hi Girls!

Nice and wet at the moment is'nt it!! Our driveway is a river and our creek is roaring!! We've had 160mls since 5pm yesterday!!! It does'nt look like easing any time soon either.

SalM25 - I am born and bred in Townsville. I have moved around Townsville quite a lot and have lived in many of its suburbs.

Where you want to live all depends on how much you are willing to pay. Rent is quite high everywhere. But the more "decent" suburbs are pretty high in rent and price. There are LOTS of new houses going up all around the places.

If you prefer to live closer to the beach but outside of the city, there are many new housing estates going up north of the city. There are heaps of beaches north. The main beach in Townsville is the Strand which you probably went down to. Areas around here a fairly expensive. Most of the houses are there are older places aswell. You get the odd place that is new or renovated.

You really do have a lot to chose from. You can live beachside, central, city, riverside and rural. Again, it all depends on how much your willing to pay.

If you go onto the website and do a search on places within your price range, find the places you like, then come back and let us know which areas they are in we could let you know the reputation of the suburb.

Let us know if you need anymore info!


So what do you all do during the days??? Lately i have been focussing on my Doula work. Had a couple of "observation" birth in the last few weeks. Very much an eye opening experience which has definetely solidified my desire to support women during pregnancy and birth.

The girls and I are a tad crook at the moment. Colby had a cold first and has passed it onto Briley and I. Apparently they don't last that long which is good!

I start uni in march. Quite looking forward to it actually. On days like today when you have nothing to do its great to get stuck into study and assignments.

Not sure what else to say. Just thought i should pop in and say hi! Its a very quiet thread this Townsville one!

Hope you are all well...

Take Care!

Sara - Mum to Briley(05/06/06) & Colby(03/08/07)

hey hey, we have lived in townsville for nearly a year df is army as well, its my first wet season and i tell ya its something i cant believe happens, the heat and humidity and then when it rains it really really really rains, i havent seen so much rain in all my im enjoying it though been good, i havent meet many mums so that would be good too, i have a 3 yr old boy and one due in 5 weeks...and counting....

hope to hear more about you all in this thread
til then
Hi Everyone my name is Tanya and i 19 yrs of age and a mum to a beautiful 20 month old and am also expecting baby number two in April. I would love to have some other mums to talk to, as i have lost contact with most off my old friends. Hope to keep in touch with all, and congrats to use expecting mumies..
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