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Hi I am 31 yrs old living on the gold coast with my partner,we have a 16 months old baby boy. We moved over from NZ 3 years ago and moved back there in early 2007 because we just had our baby and we have no friend/family here, but it didn't work out so we are back here again. My partner and me both work full time (I've just gone back to work a few months ago), and we found it really hard to meet people here. Please email me at if you are in the same situation as it would be nice to have friends to visit at weekends and for our little ones to have little buddies to grow up with too.

Hi where about's on the goldie are you? I h ave a 18 month old son

there is a meetup at burleigh on the 17th jan 9am, that is being organised if you want to meet some mums.
Hi Thanks for your msg. Unfortunately I work full time so I won't be able to join the meet up. Is there any meet up at the weekends? And is that only for mums or partner can come too?

Thanks Miranda
hi littleboyblue, I sent you a personal message yesterday as I only just worked out now how to reply to a post...silly I am in southport, where are about are you?
Hi there Mernida.I am a full time working mum as well . iwould love to catch up sometime. I live on the Gold Coast near Dreamworld. I will be 30 this year. I have a boy who is 2 years and 8 months. I am married as well. I have a NZ background as my mum is from NZ and most of my relatives are over there. You can email me at Cheers from Danni
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