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Looking for an old friend Lock Rss

Hi 2 everyone on the gold coast,
My name is Ann, I live in Brissy, and was wondering if anyone can help me?
I have an old school friend on the gold coast that I lost contact with when I moved to Brisbane and would love to hear from her again. Her name is Selma and I miss her dearly.

If anyone knows her or knows how I can contact her please let me know, and Selma if you read this PLEASE contact me!!
I am also looking to catch up with other friends I had on the gold coast when I lived there...

It was about 7 years ago that I moved away, when I was 17, the last place that I lived in was at Nerang, I left high school at 15 in year 10 and was going to Merrimac High at the time. I worked in Nerang before I moved away and a few of my friends lived next door to me for a while. Also my last name was White at the time.

I would love to catch up with anyone that remembers me and reminise with anyone that doesnt.
If you remember me please post a response hear, I am looking forward to hearing from anyone/everyone.
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