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Hi, 20 year old mum to 18month old boy. Been through alot with my little boy, as his real father does not see him, and would love to chat to other young mums. i think we get given an image, like we have just been 'knocked up' and have to live like this and thats the hardest part i think. I get a bit lonley as we live in a small town and theres not much out here to keep things 'alive'
Please email me at [email protected] or just post msgs!! I think im getting the hang of this now!!

Busymum, QLD, Cheeky nearly 3 yr old boy.

hi how are you my name is kristy. i am 22 and i have my first baby girl paige. who is two months.
even though i am 22 i know what you mean about people looking at you funny. people always think i am 18 or so, and even if i tell them i am 22 they look at you funny. i dont think it matters what age you are to an exception, as long as you love you baby. not like people that dont want them... anyway just thought i would say hi, and i know how you feel.. but at least we will have lots of time to run around and play with them.. see ya.
my email is [email protected] if you want to chat more..
Hi Tiarnie 123 How things going? I know exactly how you feel! I was only 18 when I had my first child, a Beautiful girl Tineal. When she was six weeks old I kicked her real father out, and your right people do give you funnny looks. Every one treated me like I didn't know how to look after my baby, I even had people enquire about her age & then ask what I was doing to her! Tineal was a quick grower and was larger than other babies her age, she's turning 8 now and is still tall for her age!

To cut a long story short Tineals father shows no intrest in his daughter, and rarley pays child suport.
I'm married to a wonderful man now who has been the father she never knew since she was 2 1/2.


IF any one would like a to talk put finger to keyboard and drop us a line! My name is Lisa and I'm now 26 and willing to listen or read so to speak.
[email protected]
hey im kim i am 18 with a 13month old girl tahlia..
I know exactly what u mean abut people giving you looks an talking behind your back i got pregnant at 17 and by the end i didnt want to go out shopping or anything. people can be so cruel but know i keep my head up high i am proud of being a young mum... Anyways where abouts are you from i am on the golod coast if u want to email me my email is [email protected]
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