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hi there
i am a 25 year old mum of two beautiful girls Dakoda is 2 years old and Indiana is 4 months. my husband is in the army here but we are from the sunshine coast. my husband is away alot of the time so i feel a bit like a single mum some of the time. i would love to meet mums from townsville and find a great playgroup to take the kids to. i have been to a couple of playgroups but have found the woman to be clicky. and they seem to be alot older then me.
would love to hear about great playgroups
thanks kristie
Hi Kristie,

i to am 25 and have an 8month old girl, Paige. I live with my hubby. I go to a playgroup. If you want any details on it. My email address is [email protected] in case you want to chat anytime. I also now know alot of mums from townsville.


Kim, Townsville, mum of 2 girls

Hi Kristie,

I'm Kristina, 26yrs old with a nearly 3yr old boy & 14 month old girl. I know how you feel as my husband also works away (mining industry, not the forces). We have been in Townsville since August this year and I have only just started going to a playgroup which seems pretty good (in Heatley). If you wanted info on where it is etc, or interested in meeting up some time feel free to sen me an email ([email protected]).

A good place (if you get the yearly pass) to go to is Reef HQ, they have a bit of a playground upstairs with soft matting & stuff for the kids to jump around on (but probably not so good for little bubs). We only went there the other day & ended up getting the yearly pass, which would pay for itself even if we only went there once more.


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

hello everyone
i also from townsville and my husband is also in the army i have 4 kids all girls their ages are 13,11,9,and 18 months old

cherie, townsville, 18 month old girl

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