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Hi Everyone, just wanting to pick your brains. With all the books come all the lists of what u need and what u don't. While I've got most of the furniture and manchester I'm not sure about clothes. We have lots of gorgeous outfits but now I'm trying to think practical - just how many stretch'n'grows etc should I be stockpiling? And what size is the most practical? Long or short sleeves? Baby due in Feb.
Well Lee and tyler
First off where are you from?
My baby came in April and it was hot!!. BUt because she was new i had her in the long sleeved and long legs in ages as winter came and went when she was 4.5 months. I had a total of 9 wondersuits but hannah suffered from reflux and you wash every 2-3 dyas for them anyway.

Start stocking up NOW even nappies, wipes they will stay fresh (huggies do). Singlets han had 8 singlets.

I bought 000's before she was born as you never know what size they are going to be when they pop out. Lucky for me Han was 7lb5.5 oz, doesn't matter if it looks baggy.


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