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Toowoomba Mums!!! Mothers / Play Group???? Lock Rss

We'll definitely be there =D

Of course your most welcome to bring along your 5 yr old and if there is any other Mum's that you know of that would like to come along please do.

I'll most likely be bringing Lauren my SIL but it all depends if there have finished moving down here.

Thats fine Tanya! Hope to see you there as well on Tuesday!

I've never been to Laurel Bank Park so this a first to me but I'm looking forward to it =]

Unfortunately Mitch and I won't be able to make it as I've been rostered on for a day shift next Tuesday - actually I have a horrible roster for the next fortnight and will only be able to make meets on Thursdays or Fridays.
Have a great day anyways and hopefully we can organise another meet soon - can't wait to give up work - too hard with my new social life hahaha

Lauren'n'Mitch wink
lol Lauren when are u finishing up? Have to remember to make the one the follwing week a thursday or friday for ya!!


Hi everyone, I'm Becks. I'm new around here but I know a few of ya's! I'd like to come to a meet but it wont be the next one as my 10 year old will be on holidays and will moan about being around so many little little kiddies LOL.
Hopefully I'll meet you all at the one after!
Hey everyone,

Bella is much better, so we'll be there on tuesday!

Isabella (20/11/07)

Josh is on holidays too so he will be with me and Shy as well!!
Will see you all then

Looks like its only me and my 2 little ones coming on Tuesday now as my SIL is coming bk from Roma sometime that day and most likely won't make it.

Myah's teething really badly at present so depending on how she is by then, we might not make it but will keep you all informed.

Hi Ladies

Thought id get on here and let u all know i have caught a damn lovely bug, i hate being sick at best of times but i reckon i feel ten times worse having bub on board cant wait till i can keep somethink down so hungry!! so much to my disappointment i think it would be best for me to stay awake 2morro but ill will definately be at the next one with bells on

have fun

sorry girls i cant make the meet tomorrow, i have to go to the gym. can we make it another day. i am available after 12.


Hi everyone , Sorry but i will not be comeing tomorrow as my baby girl is very sick with Tonsillitis. Hope you all have lots of fun. Hope to come to the next meet.
hey ladies, thanks for the last meet it was great to catch up with you all.

Laurel bank sounds like fun hopefully the weather stays nice we should be able to make it just gotta get Tyler weighed 2morrow but i guess that can always wait til after the park

hope to catch you all there

and i hope that those who are sick get better soon

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